• Invitation

    Are you ready to take the next step in your leadership development?

    What has your (real) training been? How can you put it to the service of others? What is it that really motivates you? What matters? These are all questions that we've heard many times around people that inspire for change. Less frequently, we hear: What do you do when things don't work out the way you want them to? How do you deal with the challenges of collaboration, leadership and participation? What triggers you or even stops you from taking action? How do you feel about yourself?


    So, we thought we could do something to bring in a new set of questions into the circles of changemakers that we believe in and want to support through some powerful "peer group" time.


    The framework we've chosen for this exploration is The Human Element Cornerstone® Training Course. This three and a half day immersion offers an understanding of the logic of human behaviour and interactions. It includes a set of practical tools for collaborating with others and overcoming obstacles to action. The course begins with a focus on increasing awareness of your own behavior and motivations because, oddly enough, in learning how to deal with others effectively, it is most useful to start with yourself.


    By gaining a detailed understanding of how you operate, what motivates you, and what causes you distress, you set the stage for better relations with others. Throughout, we apply our learning to the "real issues" of leadership and teamwork both inside and outside our various contexts, providing for new ways of thinking about solving old and recurring problems.

    In other words, this is an invitation to take A BREAK from what you're doing for a few days, to explore your personal leadership and take your change making to the next level. The group will be there to make the work real, to empower and support each other's efforts to make positive and sustainable change for ourselves, others and society.

  • What you get

    The training is based on over 40 years of research, summarised in The Human Element® concept by the American psychologist Will Schutz. It includes the FIRO-model, Choice, Element B (behavior), Element F (feelings), Element S (self), Self-concept, Defences and Team development. In other words, you will get...

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    Tools for communication and conflict management. Increased understanding of how you work in a group and how others work together with you.


    Some of these tools are quantitative self-assessments and feedback.

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    Practice in giving and receiving feedback; increased Self-esteem through exploration of your strengths, challenges and fears.


    Experiential components are combined with reflections and exchange.

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    Increase your self-awareness and ability to take responsibility for your relationships and make your own choices clearly.


    You will reflect on deeper patterns and reactions and share with others.

  • New perspectives

    "The Human Element gave me a framework for my leadership.

    I am much more aware of myself, which makes me more effective in leading others."

  • What are your motivations for joining this training?

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    Develop your leadership

    ...you are a change maker who takes a leadership role within projects or teams, and want to develop in your role and improve your ability to empower others to make positive social change.

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    Grow as a person

    ...you want to invest in your personal development and get new insights that can empower you in different aspects of your life personally and professionally.

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    Because we understand you

    ...you've been looking for a leadership training that focuses on you as a change maker, and finally you found the right match with trainers who know the field. 

  • Pay What You Want

    We believe that personal development is a gift that everyone should have access to, regardless of how much money they have. That is why we invite you to pay what YOU want.


    Every participant is an integral part to the training experience. We love the effects we see when we bring a diverse group of people together in a room. We believe that paying what you want can open more doors to that room. And we know that no matter what; what we all gain from these trainings far exceeds the total investments by all contributors. Therefore, we hope that you appreciate this invitation and approach.


    The full participant fee is priced on market value for Human Element trainings. You can choose to pay the full fee, or put in enough to cover the material costs for your participation. And any amount in between.

    € 1600

    Full participant fee

    € 245

    Minimum cost coverage

  • Registration

    We are welcoming registrations and have room for a few more participants on a first come first served basis.

  • sign up for "step 2" as well!

    Make sure to secure your place for the follow-up training as well. Three days of in-depth exploration of team collaboration:

    The Human Element Organisational Solutions for Changemakers. Malmö, Aug 16-18th.


    To read more about The Human Element in theory and practice, go to: www.thehumanelement.com and www.thesweden.se.

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    3,5 DAYS

    June 15-18th, 2017


    Thu 13-18

    Fri 9-18

    Sat 9-18

    Sun 9-15


    Days will start after breakfast, end before dinner, and take a break for lunch.

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    Studio Kendra. Malmö, Sweden


    Nearest airport: Copenhagen, Kastrup (CPH) and Malmö, Sturup (MMX)


    Nearest train station: Malmö Triangeln


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    Travel, housing and food is not included in the price. Find accomodation eg. through couchsurfing or at a hostel, hotel, guest room/apartment, or nearby airbnb.


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    Scale: € 1600 - 245


    You make your choice when filling out the registration, and confirm when you receive your invoice.

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    100% money back if you cancel 30 days before the course. After that, we keep the € 245 cost coverage. You may however find someone else to take your spot.

  • The Facilitation Team

    We will be your humble hosts on this journey

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    Magdalena Musiala

    Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Coach, and Group Facilitator.

    Powerful meetings are the key ingredient in what I do: radical facilitation, training and event design for courageous individuals and mission-driven organisations. I focus on supporting entrepreneurship, developing personal leadership, and helping groups become teams.

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    Ola Nilsson

    Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Coach, and Project Manager.

    Creative social innovator with a powerful drive for social justice and equality in the world. I love working with people who have briliant ideas to throw around, passion to try them out and guts to make mistakes and keep trying. 

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    Osi König Tafur

    Licensed Radical Collaboration Practitioner, Project Manager and Sustainability Synergist.

    Passionate doer with a mind for systems, synergies and sustainability and a heart for connection, collaboration and community.

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